The group on dA seems dead, I've tried asking there for help with no luck. So I'll give this Wiki a shot now. Some time ago (can't even remember when, probably a little over a year) I made a School Rumble wallpaper. Really it's just from a bunch of screenshots/manga covers, but it still turned out ok. Thing is, I was hoping someone out there wanted to redraw the whole thing and make it better...It's just basically a bunch of girls. I just wanted more wallpaper that had Yuuki in it, shaddap. But yeah some of them look, off...and I'm not sure where the pic that Ma came from originated...but she's a bit blurry. I'm not really pro at Photoshop and all that, but anyways...just wanted to try my crappy luck and ask for help here.

And yes, Sarah looks out of place as well...WHY IS SHE ALWAYS SMILING?! xD

EDIT: Decided to mess with wallpaper again, took Sarah out...replaced her with another girl. lol

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