School Rumble Chapter 005
C5 cover
Chapter Info
Volume Volume 1
Pages 9
Release date May 16, 2003
Previous Book of Love
Next You've Got Mail

Enter the Dragon is the fifth chapter of the manga School Rumble, forming part of Volume 1.


During an English test, Harima notices Tenma forgot to write her name and he attempts to let her know. He fails several times so he makes a sacrifice by writing her name on his exam. In the end, Tenma received 0% regardless and Harima was unable to take credit for his heroic deed.


Harima mentally monologues about how he can never lose due to the power of being in love. It turns out that he is sitting in class, exuding such an intense aura that the students near him wonder if he is planning to give rise to a war. Yakumo enters the class to deliver Tenma’s boxed lunch. Unlike Tenma, Yakumo immediately notices the scary aura coming from Harima. Tenma turns around to check it out but only notices Harima crushing his school bag with his chair, which she fearlessly grabs for him.

Tani Sensei announces that he is giving out an English test to asses everyone’s ability. Harima struggles since he never made a habit of studying in the past. He looks over to her and notices she did not write her name on the exam. He attempts to mouth out a message to her since they cannot speak during the exam. She does not receive his message so he tries again, this type by “shouting” his message. Again, this fails so Harima tries a more direct way by having an outburst, exclaiming he forgot to write his name on the test. This also fails as Tenma simply laughs at his outburst without taking notice of her own mistake. Harima becomes desperate and loudly claims that he has the answer to the last question. He scribbles “you forgot to write your name!” on his paper but Tenma is too dense to understand and happily copies that as the answer. Out of options, Harima makes a sacrifice and writes her name on his own exam. He then imagines Tenma finding out about his heroic gesture and they confess their love to each other.

Two days later, Tani returns the exams to the class. Tenma received zero points and Harima mentally apologizes for being such an idiot.


In order of appearance:


  • This chapter is adapted into episode 2.
  • Enter the Dragon is also the title of what is often considered one of the greatest martial arts films.
  • Harima claims that he has he answer to the last questions, which Tenma copies for #7. This implies that the exam had only 7 questions in total.


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