School Rumble Chapter 004
C4 cover
Chapter Info
Volume Volume 1
Pages 6
Release date May 16, 2003
Previous Deep Space Nine
Next Enter the Dragon

Book of Love is the fourth chapter of the manga School Rumble, forming part of Volume 1.


Tenma goes to the library to study up on the subject of love. She has a hard time reading some of the kanji so she asks the person next to her for help. The person turns out to be Karasuma, so she devises a plan to have him read a word similar in pronunciation to suki, which means love. She fails several times and in the end, he leaves but acknowledges her by saying goodbye.


At the library, Tenma monologues about what has happened in her pursuit of Karasuma, focusing on her failed confession. After her monologue, she declares that her battle for love has now truly begun. People at the library stare at Tenma and she suddenly becomes embarrassed for making such a public declaration. She sits at a table and reads a book titled The Psychology of Love to help her reflect on what she did wrong during her confession, but after only three minutes of reading, she falls asleep. Upon waking up, Tenma berates herself for having such weak feelings for Karasuma that she cannot even stay awake to read, and moves on to the next book, The Art of War. Tenma misreads the author’s name as Sonko, which is a feminine name, and assumes wrongly that it’s another love book written by a woman. The book states that one must “know yourself,” so Tenma rates herself on sports, studying, and looks, all of which are poor, except for looks which she considers average. Discouraged by her poor qualities, she moves on to the next part of the book and misreads the text as “rabbit undressing.” This time, she is clearly aware that she’s misreading it so she asks the person next to her for help.

C4 tenma foiled

Random guy ruins Tenma's plan

The person next to her turns out to be Karasuma, who tells her the text reads as “fleeing rabbit.” Tenma is mortified when she realizes it’s Karasuma and runs away from embarrassment. She composes herself and comes up with a plan to have Karasuma read a word with the same pronunciation as ‘’suki’’ so it sounds like he’s saying he likes her. However, when she asks Karasuma to read the word, a random guy behind her reads it instead, ruining her plan. Tenma doesn’t give up and looks for another word with the same pronunciation, but she ends up showing him the wrong page. Karasuma leaves after this and bids her goodbye. Despite Tenma’s earlier failures, she is content with having had this interaction with Karasuma.


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  • This chapter is adapted into episode 1.
  • A notable difference between this chapter and episode 1 is that Tenma also ranks her cooking as poor, but the chapter makes no mention of her cooking.
  • Tenma makes several references to her failed attempt at confessing, which happened during Plan1 From Outer Space.


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