School Rumble Chapter 003
C3 cover
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Volume Volume 1
Pages 8
Release date May 16, 2003
Previous Easy Rider
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Deep Space Nine is the third chapter of the manga School Rumble, forming part of Volume 1.


Tani, the homeroom teacher announces that everyone will be getting new seats. Tenma lucky draws number 6 out of a bag, the one directly in front of Karasuma, but finds out that she actually read the number upside-down, which meant she was seated at the front of the class. Fortunaly for her, Nishimoto trades seats with her because of his poor eyesight and she gets the seat in front of Karasuma.

In the Omake, Harima trades seats with a classmate in the front to be next to Tenma. He is surprised to see Nishimoto next to him so he pretends to be far-sighted to get his original seat back, which was next to Tenma all along.


Seating AnnouncementEdit

After getting into the same class, Tenma continues her battle to win Karasuma’s affections. Tani, the homeroom teacher announces that they will be assigning seats tomorrow. Tenma becomes determined to get a seat close to Karasuma.

In the evening, Yakumo tries to reassure Tenma and suggest she take a bath so she can sleep early. Despite not getting the sympathy she wanted, Tenma does as she is told. In the bathroom, Tenma gets ready to bathe and complains about her sister treating like a child. After her bath, Tenma tries to develop psychic powers by guessing cards but fails to get any of them correct.


While walking to school, Tenma expresses to Yakumo her disappointment over her failure at enhancing her psychic abilities. Despite her setback, Tenma is still hopeful that something will work out.

C3 ganji seat

Nishimoto in seat #6

Once at school, Tenma mentally diagrams the possible places she could sit to be near Karasuma, totaling in 8 spots, with her most preferred seat being in front of him. She quickly scans the room to see where he is seated and is disheartened over seeing Karasuma seated next to a window, which cuts down many of her possible seats. Suddenly, it’s Tenma’s turn to draw a number to decide her seating. Since all the other spots have been taken, she realizes she needs to draw a number 6 from the seating bag. Tenma makes a quick prayer and shakily, hovers her hand over the bag. She notices one of the papers unfold slightly, revealing a number 6. Tenma forcefully plunges her hand into the bag to retrieve it. Overjoyed at the outcome, she goes to the desk in front of Karasuma only to find Ganji Nishimoto, a fat classmate, occupying the desk. She tells him that she picked number 6 from the seating bag, only to have Ganji correct her by pointing out a dot on the the paper, which indicated the number Tenma got was actually a 9. Tenma falls into despair upon realizing she is assigned to the front of the class. Moments later, Ganji announces that he has poor eyesight so he offers to switch seats with someone in the front. Tenma immediately jumps at the opportunity and profusely thanks Nishimoto. Tenma sits down on her newly assigned seat and blissfully enjoys the feeling of having Karasuma look at her, who unbeknown to her, is in fact looking out of the window.


C3 harima seat

Harima confused by Nishimoto being next to him

Harima manages to get promoted to Tenma’s class. After he notices Tenma seated at the front of the class, he makes up an excuse about being near-sighted and asks the student next to Tenma to trade seats. When he sits down, he is surprised to see Nishimoto, who had just switched with Tenma, next to him. Harima quickly pretends to be far-sighted instead of near-sighted to switch back to his old seat, which was actually next to Tenma all along.


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  • This chapter’s title shares a similar title to the American science fiction television series called Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Despite not being able to predict the outcome of cards, Tenma is somehow able to bend spoons.


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