Mai Otsuka
Ootsuka mai
Age 16
Birthday April 22nd
Class 2-C
Gender Female
Hair Black
First Appearance
Episode 1
Seiyuu Michi Yamazaki
English Kate Oxley

Mai Otsuka is one of the two class representatives for Class 2-C, the other being Haruki Hanai. Mai's best friend appears to be Tsumugi Yuuki. She is serious most of the time especially when it comes to her responsibilities as class rep. However, the class does not share that seriousness when she is up there trying to talk. This is after all, Class 2-C with more than its share of delinquents. As shown in the end of the first episode of the second season, she is hiding a sizable bust for some reason.

Possibly the only School Rumble character with such a feature, Ootsuka Mai can has noticeable freckles which are visible up close. Her personality can be though of as commanding, which suits her role as a leader. She makes her first major debut in Episode 4 of the 2nd Term.

Though Mai is generally a strict disciplinarian - going as far as to pummel others with her large white fan when they step out of line, she appears to have a more fantastical side as well. Someone, either herself or Yuuki, submitted a script for the school play that featured Mai as an anime-style "magical girl". Further, later in 2nd semester, there there is an actual parody of magical girls with Mai dressed as one.

Relationships Edit

Best Friends Edit

Tsumugi YuukiEdit

Yuuki assists Mai in her role as class rep, and is probably her closest friend.

Ganji NishimotoEdit

Mai has known Nishimoto since kindergarten, and disapproves of his unabashed interest in porn. It may be implied that she's in love with him from an episode that was a spin-off, showing her as a "Magic Girl" girl and Ganji as a masked hero she fell in love with. That is the only time it may have been suggested, so no firm conclusions can be drawn.