Aso Hiroyoshi
Age 16
Class 2-C
Blood Type A
Hair Black
First Appearance
Episode 7
Seiyuu Ichiki Mitsuhiro
English J. Michael Tatum
Hiroyoshi Aso is the 'Dark Horse' of 2-C. He makes his first appearance in Episode 7 at the Pool Hockey, joining up with Kenji Harima. The
Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 12.29.30 AM

Aso in the final episode

rest of the time he plays a minor role, appearing every now and then in the anime to assist the main characters. His most prominant role to date has been in the basketball arc.


Asou is athletic, and good at most sports. He teamed up with Mikoto Suo and Ryuuhei Suga in the Kibasen contest, and were very successful in taking out the opposition.

Asou is a very fast runner, and he came in first place at the 100m Dash. He was the 2nd runner in the 2-C Guys Relay Race Team. He handed the batton to Kyosuke Imadori.

Besides track and field, Asou is also very good at basketball. He was invited by Satsuki Tawaraya to coach the girl's school basketball team, and is a strong player for the men's basketball team.

Aside from sports, Asou is good at cooking Chinese food. He works at a Chinese restaurant with Sarah Adiemus, and his family runs a ramen restaurant.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Ryuuhei SugaEdit

Suga is Asou's best friend and wingman, and they seem to hang out a lot together. Because of his cool and easygoing personality, Asou has many other friends, both guys and girls, including Takeichi Fuyuki and Kyosuke Imadori.

Love Interests Edit

Mikoto SuoEdit

Asou has not expressed any real interest in any of the girls, but many are interested if he and Mikoto will end up together. He and Mikoto first appeared together as a Kibasen Team, and have gradually moved on to the Basketball Arc and, most recently, a date. Asou and Mikoto went on several dates before their breakup in season 3.

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