Harima and his animal friends

Some time into the story of School Rumble, Harima befriends a group of animals. Several are listed here:

  • Note - not all animals listed here are in Harima's little "family."


  • Alexander- the frog
  • Anastasia - the penguin
  • "Bad Dog" - a stray dog
  • Imadori's Dog - a fat terrier belonging to Imadori
  • Iori - a black cat who lives with Tsukamoto Yakumo
  • Napoleon - the pig
  • Pyotr - the giraffe
  • Kamekichi- a turtle which, in one episode, was given to Tenma by Karasuma
  • Devil Tusk - a wooly mammoth that appeared in the OVA of School Rumble
  • Kuuta - a red panda.